Community Keynotes® at MPI's WEC 2019

Pass the mic.

This video captures how MPI incorporated Community Keynotes® at the 2019 WEC. It features Melissa Majors as the 'Storytellers' coach. Video Credit: Soliman Productions and Meeting Professionals International

Illuminate inspirational audience member stories from the big stage.

At live events, there is much to be learned during keynote sessions, but there is even more to learn from peers. The problem is, peers usually aren’t on the ‘big stage’; they’re sitting in the audience.

Unfortunately, this goldmine of wisdom is rarely shared beyond one-on-one conversations, given the ‘big stage’ is often reserved for hired speakers, VIPs, and entertainers.

There is a place for hired professional thought-leaders. They serve a vital role in delivering inspiration, motivation, and knowledge. But shouldn’t we make room for the event community’s stories and wisdom too? 

There is a way to unleash that relevant wisdom and share it with all of your attendees – Community Keynotes®. These TED-type sessions feature attendees as the keynote speakers. 

Community Keynoters bring a level of authenticity, credibility and relevancy that can’t be replicated by outside professional speakers. Community Keynoters have walked a mile in the shoes of the audience and can speak precisely to their enablement needs.

Melissa Majors has extensive experience implementing Community Keynotes®  across multiple industries. 

Unleash untapped wisdom and innovate the traditional keynote experience. 

Prepare Community Keynoters for the Big Stage!

Don’t let fear of public speaking or lack of experience in the spotlight be a barrier for your Community Keynoters. The 6-week Community Keynotes® Coaching program consists of virtual one-on-one and group coaching, online courses, and rehearsal support. Melissa Majors Consulting will get them ready.
I participated in Community Keynotes® Coaching for our storyteller session at MPI’s 2019 WEC, and I would HIGHLY recommend, borderline insist you take advantage of this. Melissa Majors is an incredible and so genuine coach through the whole process.
Ryan Young
Director of Sales, Brookstreet Hotel | Co-Founder, MPI the EVENT | Co-Creator, The Illuminate Project