“Did someone take a picture of the flipchart notes?” 

“These notes aren’t accurate.” 

“We documented our decision on that flipchart…anyone know where we put it?”

 “Can anyone read these flipchart notes?” 

How can we continue to rely on such a flawed meeting facilitation tool? We can’t! Being a good flipchart scribe is nearly impossible, given that most humans are terrible listeners. Not to mention, our handwriting is awful, and our spelling is worse!

On a more serious note, using flipcharts increases bias in the discussion process. The person with the pen holds all the power. They often capture ideas and decisions, but not equitably from the group at large. The thoughts of the dominants in the room often make the board, while non-dominant views are unintentionally lost.

How can you ensure all ideas are heard, considered, and captured with the use of a flipchart? You just can’t.

There’s a better way.

Facilitating discussions using the inˈklo͞odəd® methodology is the antidote that mitigates groupthink and bias. Using technology, the Melissa Majors Consulting team equitably harness the collective ideas and decisions of all meeting participants using Evenium’s ConnexMe suite of tools. 

During an inˈklo͞odəd experience, participants are able to anonymously share ideas, provide feedback, and vote on decisions and solutions. Allowing for anonymity has proven to increase engagement from people who often “lean back” during meeting discussions due to lack of confidence, social capital, or even fear of being the contrarian by disagreeing with dominants.

Creative Group got inˈklo͞odəd and joined the movement to bring Death to the flipchart. It’s time to get you inˈklo͞odəd too!

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