There is so much to learn from the experience of others. Believe me, I am the youngest of nine kids and mastered the art of doing the opposite of what my older siblings did to land them in trouble. I gained a tremendous amount of wisdom without earning it myself. They paid the consequences, I learned the lesson.

There is much to be learned from the success and failure of those around you. If you want to get better at something, pay special attention to those who demonstrate mastery in that skill and do what they do. Conversely, if you want to get better at something, pay special attention to those who demonstrate mediocrity in that skill and do the exact opposite. 

For example, having a bad boss makes everything worse. I’ve certainly had my share. However, those experiences taught me how to be a great leader and although painful, I’m grateful for the experience and I’m better as a result.

I have been fortunate to have 15+ years of experience modernizing, disrupting, growing, and innovating learning strategies for businesses in multiple industries. Need to know how to drive product adoption through education?  Been there. Want to reach more people with your education but can’t scale it? Done it. Need your team to reinvent themselves and drive dramatically better results? That’s a tough one, but I have lots of advice and wine suggestions to help you through it. 

Melissa Majors Consulting exists to help others do what they do…even better. We offer complimentary coaching and mentoring to those interested in innovating their learning strategies, inclusion initiatives, leadership impact, and presentation capabilities. Gain wisdom you don’t to have to earn. Schedule time with us today.

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