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We help your team bring the best ideas to the forefront.

To foster innovation, growth-minded leaders cultivate environments and processes that ensure all stakeholder voices are considered, not just a select few

Inclusive Collaboration Fuels Innovation

Have you ever seen people like introverts, non-dominants, or millennials lean back and stay quiet during group discussions when they should speak up? Or how about the people that agree with a bad idea to stay in the boss’s good graces? These dynamics are all too familiar and lead to bad decisions, more status quo, exclusionary practices, and groupthink.

Inˈklo͞odəd® is a methodology that combines human-centered design and inclusive collaboration to ensure all stakeholders can equitably contribute. Doing so mitigates bias and removes barriers to innovation. 

Our secret? Ensuring all voices are heard and considered.

We combine many perspectives into themes, then systematically and collaboratively prioritize ideas that deserve action. Doing so allows for discovery of the most disruptive ideas.

To listen, analyze, discuss, and prioritize ideas, we infuse social technology and inclusive processes to ensure all opinions are considered. All stakeholders have an equal say in the outcome with this methodology.. 

Automating note capture, data gathering, and democratic prioritization, cultivates this inclusive experience. Leading discussions with traditional tools, like flip charts, is not only antiquated, it leads to biased and opinion-based outcomes vs. data-driven solutions. 

Frequently dominants, those who hold power, control the ideation process, and unintentionally drown out the voices of non-dominants, those with less power. Growth-minded leaders leverage inclusive, systematic, and data-driven strategic planning processes to foster innovation.

Learn How Inclusive Strategic Planning Is Done

Check out the blog post Death To The Flipchart to learn how traditional facilitation methods and tools unintentionally perpetuate bias and encourage groupthink.

Regardless of the type of strategy you’re designing, we can help you maximize innovation using the inˈklo͞odəd® process. You’ll have a clear path to follow that will produce game-changing insights, innovative ideas, and inclusive collaboration.

How many of your team's game-changing

ideas have gone unheard?

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