Learning Strategy and Innovation Impact Summary


Enlisted to reinvent and execute disruptive learning experiences, scale operations, revitalize team performance, and drive healthy financials for association serving 60k person global community.

Strategy and Execution: Spearheaded purpose-driven, pragmatic strategies poised to surpass expectations in revenue growth, customer satisfaction, and globalization. 

Restored Team Productivity: Leveraged outcome driven principles, reorganization, fun, and elimination of dysfunctional practices to boost employee engagement and satisfaction, mitigate burnout, empower people managers, and cultivate healthier relationships with both internal and external customers.

Business Intelligence: Adopted analytics to inform data-driven decisions to optimize market opportunities, financial health, operations, and customer experience.

Disruptive Market Position: Architected differentiated competitive strategies to increase company’s market advantage by developing academic partnerships with ivy-league institutions, designed digitally enabled social and curated learning experiences, and superior customer touch points.

Product Transformation: Maximized the outcome of differentiated products by infusing design thinking and neuroscience into the development of modernized solutions. 

– Pivoted programs experiencing 10x growth in adoption and revenue

Operational Discipline: Matured operations by resolving inefficiencies through process definition, priority setting, project management, and cultivating a culture of ownership.


Enlisted to orchestrate operational turnaround and improvement solutions for division serving 60K clients and strategic partners globally—propelled highly charged efforts to salvage operations and retain in-house services.  

Strategic Leadership: Executed proactive, market-driven leadership to achieve aggressive performance improvement and business growth goals—restored management perception of internal education services group. – Earned 2017 CEdMA Impact award for thought leadership, business innovation and business transformation.

Revenue Growth: Implemented operational/strategic changes that doubled revenues and exceeded EBITDA goals. æ Operational Restructuring: Reorganized team and shifted resources to develop scalable, highly productive operation that leveraged internal employees, strategic partners/vendors and offshore contractors—efforts reduced costs 25%.

Customer Relationship Management: Established customer advisory board and internal channels to efficiently capture customer feedback and stakeholder expectations­—catapulted NPS from 8% to 65% in 2.5 years.

Competitive Market Positioning: Closed competitive gaps and increased company’s industry/market advantage by developing infrastructure for 13 product certifications—identified cost-effective option that reduced costs by $500K.

Product Enhancement: Modernized education experience by replacing outdated, e-learning content with cutting-edge, video-based programming—partnered with subject matter experts to create performance-based, “brain-friendly” courses.

Political Savvy: Persevered through lengthy, politically charged process to gain management support, garnered IT buy-in and secured investment funds for high-level, niche-based learning management system (LMS).

Technology Integration: Teamed with IT department to merge six, disparate learning management and registration systems into central solution that supported global client transactions and wide-scale user access. – Increased users with online access from 8K to 60K and average daily users from 150 to 800 in just 6 months. 

Global Market Expansion: Leveraged new LMS system to break down barriers to technology adoption and expand service reach beyond North America to Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Business Innovation: Generated 10% in incremental global revenues by structuring first-of-its-kind, strategic partnership and vendor agreement with existing Middle Eastern client to serve clients in that market. inclusion consulting learning strategy


Brought onboard to execute series of turnaround initiatives impacting over 7K employees and charged with transforming sales training effectiveness, advisor education experience and ROI for national sales conference.

Strategic Planning & Direction: Managed multi-million dollar training budget and cross-functional team of 16 to devise and drive comprehensive efforts for continuous performance and process improvement.

Sales Training Strategies: Restructured new advisor sales training program and dramatically enhanced learning experience, customer satisfaction and average sales production. – Shortened in-class, lecture-based training time 50% and integrated peer-to-peer learning; utilized company’s top sales producers to craft and deliver engaging program content. – Designed new training content using “meeting in a box” and train-the-trainer methods for chapter meetings.

Performance Improvement: Achieved triple-digit results with revamped training program—400% growth in attendance, 130% increase in average sales production from new graduates and $250K in annual revenues.

Operational Changes: Boosted brand, strengthened reputation and increased customer interest in company’s national sales conference by reengineering key programming aspects based on customer feedback. – Changed conference logistics and planning to better align with company’s peak sales season—engaged top sales advisors to select relevant speaking topics, share best practices and tried-and-true strategies.

Revenue Growth: Transformed sales conference into highly anticipated, revenue-generating event—reached record-breaking attendance, grew revenues 20% and restored customer satisfaction.  


Our Impact

 Strategic Planning & Direction: Originated highly effective distance learning and knowledge management strategy that reduced critical information barriers and boosted usage more than 350% in less than 1 year.

Business Innovation: Pioneered efforts and leveraged emerging technology and resources to launch company’s first digital learning course—integrated customer and market-driven data to craft scalable, cost-neutral strategy.

Business Expansion: Partnered with stakeholders throughout the organization to expand course offering and was instrumental in developing new infrastructure to support new growing demands - Efforts reduced customer hold times by 15% and raised customer service productivity by 12%.