The business case for inclusion continues to grow, as evidenced through research from the likes of Boston Consulting Group, Harvard Business Review, Catalyst, and the NeuroLeadership Institute. Translating that research into actionable tactics is where the difficulty lies.

Join Melissa Majors, CEO of Melissa Majors Consulting for a blame-free examination of why one should care, and how to become a more inclusive leader.

This discussion is for all leaders; leaders of self, people, initiatives, and business.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify and describe the difference between diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equity.
  • Gain insight into the habits and tactics used by inclusive leaders.
  • Unlock access to social posts, job aides, and toolkits to help build inclusive habits.

Duration: 60 – 120 minutes.

Learning Experience: 

Delivered as keynote, breakout session or workshop. Engaging, brain-friendly, course that incorporates lecture, group discussion, and individual reflection.

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