What Good Looks Like: The Blueprint for Maturing Your Association’s Education Strategy

Professional development is a primary value driver for most associations so the case for continued innovation and optimization is evident. What does the future of your association’s education look like? How will you evolve to achieve that optimized state? 

During this session, we will explore a proven maturity model specifically designed for education associations. This model not only allows you to benchmark your organization against best practices, it provides a blueprint for future growth. 

We will examine the spectrum of characteristics and capabilities for “reacting” vs. “optimized” organizations in the areas of:

  • Customer Experience
  • Operations
  • Strategic Alignment & Leadership
  • Financial Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Design & Delivery
  • Technology
  • Business Development
  • Reporting

If you’re a leader accountable for any aspect of the areas above, this is a must-see course.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Learning Experience:

Engaging, brain-friendly, workshop that incorporates lecture, audience engagement and individual reflection.

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