Melissa and I worked together in 2016 on a 9 month long project, implementing a Learning Management System for Ellucian. Her role in the project was the executive stakeholder, whereas mine was the implementation consultant. From our first encounter, I knew Melissa would be an amazing customer to work with. With the same grace and prestige, she could deliver both constructive criticism and direction to my team. Even as our project unexpectedly increased in duration, Melissa managed expectations for her company and mine. She was able to handle any crucial conversation that came her way in regards to increased scope and cost. Not only did she have a thoughtful and logical solution, she kept our spirits high throughout the entire project timeline. She faced many oppositions during this time frame, but she never wavered in her determination to successfully complete the project. It was an honor to work with Melissa and without her knowing I modeled my professionalism after hers.

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