I have been fortunate to have been Melissa’s colleague for well over two years, and I served on her leadership team for over a year of that time. Melissa is an incredibly dynamic and engaging leader who places equal priority on the well-being of her team and the outcomes the team produces. She has an insightful and very current approach to education and customer training. Her approach to continuous improvement and evolution of practice is a reflection of her deep experience and her ability to stay connected with and responsive to the needs of the customers she and her team serve. As a people leader, Melissa is dedicated to building a high performance team but still takes the time and effort to concentrate on her leaders with individual focus and a customized approach to help drive them to their advancement and improved performance. Melissa is an enthusiastic and passionate servant leader, and she strikes a careful balance between always exceeding business expectations while cultivating deep and meaningful relationship with the people who drive those achievements. I endorse and recommend Melissa’s leadership in customer education and people leadership without hesitation or reservation.

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