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Regardless of the type of strategy development project you’re facing, we can help you maximize innovation. We'll guide you along a clear path that will produce game-changing insights, innovative ideas, and inclusive collaboration.


Blame-Free | Innovative | Science-Based | Pragmatic | Measurable 

Inclusion strategies must be masterfully designed and executed. Too many inclusion initiatives are crafted with the best of intentions but create lackluster results or unintended consequences such as more bias or backlash. 

Real inclusion results can be created with a fusion of science, design thinking, measurable outcomes, and blame-less methods. We have extensive inclusion strategy experience, a killer network, and too much common and business sense for our own good. We'd love to help you differentiate your inclusion efforts


We are the antidote to status quo and find joy in helping organizations genuinely enable the people they serve. 

  • Learning Experience Modernization (LX) social, micro, curated, video- based learning, etc.
  • Education Pricing Strategies: Subscription, fee-to-free, transaction, etc. 
  • Learning Strategy & Maturity Assessments
  • Organizational Design and Competency modeling
  • Customer Empathy Mapping
  • Purpose Discovery, Mapping, & Change Management
  • Globalization Strategies 
  • Financial Analysis & Optimization
  • Practice Management Improvement


There is much to learn from the experience of others. Melissa Majors Consulting happily offers complimentary advice and mentoring to professionals who want to innovate what they do. 

We want you to be successful. 


Melissa Majors is a Strategic Planning Sherpa®. She guides the development of strategies that lead organizations to their desired outcomes. These journeys result in leadership lessons that Melissa uses to enable greatness in others through keynote speaking, workshop facilitation, online courses, and publications.

Melissa Majors has extensive expertise and a proven reputation for driving better business outcomes through innovative and inclusive strategy development. She offers many years of experience improving products and services in addition to studying strategy and innovation at Harvard University.

One of Melissa’s superpowers is facilitating strategy development discussions which lead to innovative solutions that are precisely aligned to achieving positive business impacts.

Her secret? Ensuring all voices are heard and considered. Combining many perspectives into a few greats ones then systematically and collaboratively prioritizing ideas that deserve action is the secret to cultivating disruptive innovation.

Melissa has been featured in publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Meeting Professional, NorthStar Meetings Group Eventful Podcast, and on the keynote stage at events such as Meeting Professional's International's WEC, CedMa's Annual Conference, HD Vest's CONNECT, and many more.