"Melissa and I worked together in 2016 on a 9 month long project, implementing a Learning Management System for Ellucian. Her role in the project was the executive stakeholder, whereas mine was the implementation consultant. From our first encounter, I knew Melissa would be an amazing customer to work with. With the same grace and prestige, she could deliver both constructive criticism and direction to my team. Even as our project unexpectedly increased in duration, Melissa managed expectations for her company and mine. She was able to handle any crucial conversation that came her way in regards to increased scope and cost. Not only did she have a thoughtful and logical solution, she kept our spirits high throughout the entire project timeline. She faced many oppositions during this time frame, but she never wavered in her determination to successfully complete the project. It was an honor to work with Melissa and without her knowing I modeled my professionalism after hers."

Mary Carter

Technology Consultant, Services Rocket

"Melissa has earned her reputation as an exceptional strategic leader and innovator. I worked under Melissa’s leadership for two years and was fueled by her vision and passion, culminating in our achieving a coveted industry award for learning’s impact on the business. I marvel at her ability to bring diverse groups together to achieve change. She is a genius at building brand, fostering relationships, and influencing through well-crafted messages. She links strategy to industry best practices. Melissa finds ways to bring fun to the workplace and encourage connection among the teams, no matter how pressing other work agendas may be. Her remote Halloween party, which the team still talks about, is a model for team-building. She’s an asset to any team that is serious about effective learning and performance."

Dawn Snyder

Organizational Performance Consultant

"Melissa represents the best partner and client I could have hoped to work with - collaborative, outcome-focused, and incredibly supportive. I worked with Melissa and her team to launch their company's worldwide learning management solution. The scale of the project was extensive, international, and complex. When we ran into the inevitable bumps in the road, Melissa worked with us, as the software vendor & provider, to prioritize results, represent her company's needs professionally, all the while acting as coach and advocate of our platform within her company. Melissa's leadership, mentorship, warmth and charisma makes me want to work with her again and again."

Samyukta Sankaran

Product Manager, Service Rocket

"Melissa functions as Director of Ellucian's Global Education Services group. In this function she has become a go-to leader not only within the Services function but also for the company more broadly. She has been creative in developing news services offerings; she has demonstrated top tier judgment in her management of key vendor relationships and her development of new ones; she has managed her P&L successfully; she is a strenuous advocate for the people who work for her, a true champion; she has delivered really first rate service to her customers; she is selfless in her cross-functional execution across the business and she is somebody who others come to for guidance whether they are senior to her, junior to her or peers.

Melissa is a top talent as a professional and as a leader and Ellucian is really lucky to have such a great leader within its ranks."

Jay Harrison

SVP, Ellucian Global Services

"I have been fortunate to have been Melissa's colleague for well over two years, and I served on her leadership team for over a year of that time. Melissa is an incredibly dynamic and engaging leader who places equal priority on the well-being of her team and the outcomes the team produces. She has an insightful and very current approach to education and customer training. Her approach to continuous improvement and evolution of practice is a reflection of her deep experience and her ability to stay connected with and responsive to the needs of the customers she and her team serve. As a people leader, Melissa is dedicated to building a high performance team but still takes the time and effort to concentrate on her leaders with individual focus and a customized approach to help drive them to their advancement and improved performance. Melissa is an enthusiastic and passionate servant leader, and she strikes a careful balance between always exceeding business expectations while cultivating deep and meaningful relationship with the people who drive those achievements. I endorse and recommend Melissa's leadership in customer education and people leadership without hesitation or reservation."

Sara Barnett Ryan

Senior Leader and Manager, Professional Services

"Melissa is one of the sharpest most talented leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I couldn't give a higher recommendation!"

Joshua Portnoy

Director of Professional Services

"Melissa did an awesome job coordinating several departments at HD Vest. Yet, she still had time to have personal relationships with many advisors and was very approachable. I like many people consider Melissa, a friend and a very approachable colleague and feel she is a great team leader and mentor in the financial business!"

Thomas Geisler

CEO, Thomas Geisler and Co.